wrts231 ~ Waterfront Radio Transmitting Station 231 GMRS Newport NC USA

Hailing from the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, the Newport GMRS repeater covers a radius of approximately 41 miles.

GMRS is "General Mobile Radio Service" in the UHF band of the radio spectrum and requires a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission to use legally.  However, unlike Ham radio, there is no test to take, simply a $35 fee for the license.  Also unlike Ham radio, GMRS radios are "channelized" like CB radio is, and the user cannot tune the radio to specific frequencies like a Ham radio can be tuned.  The user simply operates on 30 channels, like a CB radio.

One big benefit of GMRS, is that once licensed, the licensee's entire family can use the GMRS license, unlike in Ham radio, where a license for each family member would be required for the family members to communicate with each other on the Ham radio amateur bands.  And unlike FRS radios, which may legally only operate up to 2 watts of power, GMRS radios may operate up to 50 watts.  GMRS handheld radios are commonly available for under $100.

WRTS231 ~ Waterfront Radio Tranmitting Station, Newport NC USA 

WQEN357 Newport NC GMRS repeater

GMRS radio, while limited in range compared to Amateur Ham radio, is a valuable asset during hurricanes and other disasters in the "Down East" area.  When the grid goes down, and cell phone service is inturrupted, GMRS repeaters often stay on the air with solar or conventional backup power.   Amateur radio operators are often licensed for both GMRS and Amateur radio service, monitoring both services during these times of emergency, thus, widening the reach of GMRS radio.

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