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The Community Emergency Response Team concept was created to encourage ham radio operators in local communities to train in emergency communications and encourage them to regularly practice using their radio equipment to help facilitate communication between agencies such as Fire Departments, Sheriffs departments, Police departments, EMS, FEMA, and other emergency agencies who may be involved in Emergency Operations in their communities after a natural disaster.  If (when) Internet and cell phones stop working, two-way radio may be the only way for local, state, and federal agencies to coordinate urban search and rescue (USAR) and emergency operations immediately after a storm.  Trained and licensed amateur radio operators in the Carteret County area have assisted in many past disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Floyd, and the floods caused by these natural disasters.

When the need arises, licensed and trained amateur radio operators volunteer and work in County Emergency Operations Centers during natural disasters.  The Carteret County Amateur Radio Society supports local agencies with a fully equipped mobile emergency communications trailer and volunteers operate a communications station on the second floor of the Morehead City Police Department, at county hurricane shelters, at our local fire departments, and at area town halls.  When the need arises and local police/ems/fire is overwhelmed and volunteer assistance is needed, amateur operators in Carteret County answer the call.

KD3Y Newport National Weather Service Skywarn
KD3Y Newport NC National Weather Service Skywarn

Embry Riddle Drone Pilot

iedmont & Eastern Carolina Railroad Goldsboro North Caroina N scale model railroad

NMRA Electrical Enginner
NMRA Master Builder
NMRA Golden Spike
Guinness World Record worlds longest model train

Diving the Graveyard HR
PSI SCUBA Clyinder Visual Inspector
PSI Valve Repair Technician
PSI SCUBA Cylinder oxygen Cleaning Technician

PADI Master SCUBA Diver


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