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Local Repeater and Frequencies
Morse Code Abbreviations & Prosigns
AnyTone 778uv Radio User Manual
kd3y Exposure Calculation 01-01-2022
Diamond X50-A Antenna Manual
Diamond X50-A Antenna Radiation Pattern
Baofeng Manufacturers UV-5R User Manual
BETTER Baofeng UV-5R User Manual by Lennart Lidber
BaoFeng Tips: Stuff that isn't in the BaoFeng users manual but should be
Yaesu FR-101 Rear Diagram
DIY Dipole Antenna Diagram
International  Morse Code
Carteret County Amateur Radio Society Membership Application
Popular Amateur Radio Bands
Coax Cable Attenuation Loss Chart
North Carolina National Traffic Service Nets
Yaesu  FT-65 Operators Manual
Yaesu  FT-65 Owners Manual
Yaesu  FT-65 Quick Programming Guide
Yaesu  FT-65 Advanced Owners Manual
Yaesu  FT-7900 Operators Manual
RT Systems Programming Software User Manual for FT-7900
Ranger RCI-2950dx Operators Manual
Alinco DR-605 Operators Manual

30 Percent Nitrox MOD Chart
DAN DEMP Student Handbook
Luxfer Cylinder Condemnation Guidelines
Comparative Gases Repetitive Dive Plan - Two Dive Profile
Oxygen Combustion Study
SCUBA O-ring Size Chart
Luxfer Guide to Inspecting Cylinders
Luxfer 6451 Alloy Change Dates
SCUBA Dive Checklist
DOT Advisory 6351 Cylinders
Planning Repetitive Dives Worksheet
Hypothermia Work Study by Anthony Jones
Diving Radio Island - map
USCG Dive Flag Use Recomendation - Alpha or SCUBA
OxyCheq Expedition User Manual
Perdix Shearwater User Manual
ScubaPro R190 Regulator Repair Guide
ScubaPro MK25 Regulator Schematic
ScubaPro Modular Tank Valve Diagram
Thermo SCUBA Valve Service Manual
Thermo Valves Maintenance Manual
Interactive Cylinder Inspection Record
Surface Air Consumption Formula
Blue Steel SCUBA Valve Parts List
30 Percent Nitrox No Stop Dive Table
Sustained Load Cracking in 6351 Alloy Cylinders - Explained
JBL Speargun Shaft Chart for Woody Elite Series
Custom Made Speargun Band Length Calculator
The North Carolina Artificial Reef Guide

North Carolina Mask Law Change for Concealed Handgun Permitees
NC Sheriff Cannot Deny Lawful Handguns During SOE
US DOJ FAQ's Service Animals
The Photographers Right  - Photography in public
NC Pistol Permits Issuance During State of Emergency
Seiko Dive Watch User Manual
5th Battalion, 5th Cavalry Summary of Events - Desert Storm 1991
Service Animals in Training - NC Statute
Retail Store Receipt Exit Check
Evolution of the Clay Tobacco Pipe

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