The second rule of antennas: HEIGHT MATTERS!

Though it may seem to be paradoxical at first sight, the fact is that very often the antenna height above ground matters more than its gain. This is why broadcast stations spend significant amounts of money to lease space on tall towers and put their transmitters on mountain tops.  Elevation is key to any antenna "seeing" to the curvature of the Earth and maximizing coverage area.

I made my mobile emergency communications mast for my J-pole antenna from four pieces of military surplus aluminium OE-254 antenna sections.  The mast breaks down into four 45-inch sections and the J-pole itself I made sectional.  So the entire kit can be transported easily. 
They J-pole antenna is held securely by a PVC insulating insert.

With my mobile J-pole antenna kit I can get my J-pole antenna 18 feet above ground level.  So whether I am using my Alinco 144/440 with 50 watts with my go box, or my Yaesu
FT-65 handheld with 5 watts,  I have awesome coverage.

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