kd3y calling cq forty meters

KD3Y Morehead City North Carolina

"Calling CQ, calling CQ, calling CQ,  this is Kilo Delta Three Yankee calling CQ from Coastal North Carolina. CQ, CQ, CQ,  KD3Y calling CQ on forty meters and listening."

"CQ" is a code used by amateur radio operators to make a general call, called a "CQ call" on a particular radio frequency as an invitation for any operators listening on that frequency to respond.  "CQ" was derived from the French "c'est qui?", which means "who's there?"  Today, the phrase "CQ means Seek You" is used as an easy to remember mnemonic for the term "CQ".

CQ was adopted by the Marconi Company in 1904 for use in wireless telegraphy and was adopted internationally at the 1912 London International Radiotelegraph Convention, and is still used today.  In the use of single-sideband mode, an amateur radio operator often makes a general call by transmitting CQ repeatedly (such as "CQ CQ CQ") so that other operators scanning for such calls are aided by the familiar rhythmic sound in quickly discriminating distant weak signals.  This technique allows the other operator to zero-in as close to the caller's center frequency using the human ear to fine-tune their transceiver before engaging the caller in a two-way communication.

Below is my WAS (worked-all-states) map.  It is updated periodically and shows the states in which I have made contact with other amateur radio operators.  You can find me often on the Old Mans International Sideband Society or the NATA net trying to grab them states!

kd3y 73 Old Man

KD3Y CQ CQ CQ worked all states was
kd3y cq amateur radio was map

1.  Luxemburg, Europe
2.  St. James, Jamaica, Mon!

3.  Tuscany, Italy
4,  Naples, Italy
5.  San Cesario sul Panero, Italy

6.  St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

KD3Y calling CQ CQ CQ

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