I created my Morse training videos to help me to learn Morse.  I found that SENDING Morse is  way easier than receiving Morse.  I was proficient at sending, but not so good at receiving.  While I knew all the letters from A to Z and could send them, I had a hard time hearing them.  I could hear the dots and dashes, I just couldn't hear the letters.  I found that I had developed the habit of "visualizing" the dots and dashes when sending, and that habit of trying to visualize the dots and dashes when receiving just doesn't work for me.  I had to be able to "hear" the letters VS "seeing" the dots and dashes when receiving.

Video number one goes through the alphabet, A to Z, in order.  First the morse code is keyed.  Then a brief pause for the listener to have time to call the letter, then the letter is spoken.  I found this video helped me to get familiar with learning the letters, but it had the drawback that I was able to "guess" the correct letter since they were in sequential order.

Video number two is a more advanced learning technique but it is in the same format.  First the morse code, then a pause, then the letter is spoken.  In video number two however, the letters of the alphabet are mixed up in no particular order.  The listener cannot correctly guess the keyed letter simply by ranging its position in the alphabet.  Thus, video number two is a little more difficult.

If you are not familiar with Morse at all, I suggest you start with video number one, then proceed to video number two once you are familiar with the code.

I have provided audio mp3 files below for those who prefer to save the audio to their phones or desktop.
Click on the link below to open the file, then use right-click/save audio as to save the audio file to your computer.   If you found any of my videos or audio useful, shoot me a message and let me know.  I'd love to hear from you.

Video number one ~ audio only (mp3 format)

Video number two ~ audio only (mp3 format)

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